Mould is a dangerous growth in your property. When it comes into your property, it is hard to get rid of. Unfortunately in New Zealand, mould is found in many properties. This is for a number of reasons including:

  • Water leakage

  • Flood

  • Poor ventilation

  • Humidity

  • Condensation

  • Lack of sunlight

If you suspect that you have mould growth in your property - you need to find out why it's being caused. 


Mould inspection

If you believe your home has a mould problem, you should contact a company like Chemcare who has certified technicians, regardless of the colour or type of mould. We will be able to check for the cause of the mould and severity of damage. While many of the causes of mould comes down to the construction and insulation of the property, you may unwittingly have a leaking tap or pipe in the walls. We will bring in our specialised moisture-level testing kit to see how much moisture is being contained within the property’s construction. 



How do you detect mould in my home? 

The first step we take when working for you is a correct diagnosis. Chemcare use advanced moisture-testing equipment on the building structure to determine the moisture content. We can then thoroughly investigate the area of contamination and bring in specialised airflow equipment that will ensure mould spores are contained. Mould can often have a fuzzy appearance but can also look like a stain if it’s growing on a wall or furniture. Its most common colours are black green, brown, or white, and it usually gives off a musty or earthy odour, black in colour does not confirm the presence of Stachybotrys chartarum but is often due to the material the mould is feeding from. Chemcare’s collective experience from our technicians give us the knowledge to identify mould and where to look for it, backed up by independent laboratory analysis.


Does having a damp house mean I will get mould?

Dampness definitely does promote mould in our homes. While dehumidifiers and ventilation systems can help lessen the likelihood of mould, they don’t always tackle the cause itself. In many cases, dampness is relatively cheap and easy to fix. On average, the NZ household produces around 8 litres of moisture in the home each day from a range of activities such as showering, breathing, and cooking. Dampness can also be caused by moisture getting into your house from outside, underneath or through leaky plumbing. These sources of moisture are often hidden and can go undetected for a long time, causing damage to your home, including the growth of mould.

The team at Chemcare have specialist moisture testing equipment which can see why the mould is occurring and how to get rid of it.

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