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About Us



We understand and respect our customer's concerns

Chemcare aims to avoid unnecessary cost to you. We'll make the process as transparent as possible and keep you informed.

Our People

We're proud of the service our team offers and we know you will be looked after from start to finish. Some of the team you meet may include:

Our People

We're proud of the service our team offers and we know you will be looked after from start to finish. Some of the team you meet may include:


Scott Thomson

Scott has been in the decontamination industry for over 8 years now. Previously his roles included being a handyman in home maintenance and bathroom renovation.

With these skills built over his previous career, he has been able to translate this into the decontamination industry with ease. Along with his experience, he is a Class A asbestos removal supervisor and has a range of NZQA qualifications.

The thing he enjoys most about his line of work is being able to turn these unhealthy places into healthy ones for people to use once again.

Michael Sirakovski

Michael joins Chemcare with over two decades of professional experience across broad disciplines.

Michael has strong international credentials gained in complex organisations spanning across 4 continents,with a sound understanding of the nature and challenges facing decontamination organisations in today's economic climate.

Michaels ability to support innovative thinking and change within Chemcare will suit our strong work ethic and commitment to our clients.



Verdun Rhoades

Verdun joined Chemcare to develop his career into another specialist set of skills. Previously a sheet metal tradesman, he wanted to change his core set of skills by being trained into a supervisory role with Chemcare. He brings his hard-working and positive attitude to work every day and is constantly challenging himself to learn more.


Cristina Sirakovski

Cristina joins Chemcare with a wealth of experience in customer service specific to decontamination and restoration sector.

Having served more than four years in this specialised service, she has gained an extensive appreciation for the health and wellbeing of all customers. Cristina’s commitment and focus throughout the decontamination process will always be driven by the customers best interests.

She is proud to be associated with a company that emphasises and supports the need for an environmentally friendly decontamination process.


Gemma Mullis

Gemma brings a wealth of experience in the cleaning industry to Chemcare. Over 14 years ago she started in the cleaning industry working with both commercial and domestic contracts. As a contract supervisor in Northland she worked in multiple trauma incidents, but also got experience in health and safety, specialist cleans, and chemical handling. She finds satisfaction in her job knowing that she’s helping people, as she knows it’s a very stressful situation to be in. With training in meth, asbestos, mould, and trauma, she will shine in her role as a team leader.