Asbestos Management Survey


The Asbestos Management Survey helps the workplace PCBU (Person Conducting Business or Undertaking) practically identify any asbestos in the workplace. It should provide information on:

  • The presence and location of any asbestos or ACM, which may be assumed or sampled.

  • Accessibility, condition and any surface treatment of known or assumed asbestos or ACM

  • The type of asbestos - by means of collecting samples or assuming based on its appearance.

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An asbestos management survey should cover all areas in a building. This also includes all buildings or dwellings within the property including garages, plant rooms and storage. 

Asbestos management surveys can involve some more involved work such as looking below flooring, and behind paneling. However, this scope of work will be fully discussed and agreed with you before the survey commences. 


What is an R&D survey?

A Renovation and Demolition survey is a survey required to be completed before any work that is counted as renovation or demolition is carried out on a site that is contaminated with asbestos. To define renovation you would need to consider anything invasive to be counted as renovation


RND: What is renovation?

  • If it’s invasive then can be counted as renovation.

  • Painting under 10m2 can be counted as not renovation.

  • Maintenance is usually reserved for jobs under 10m2 (non-invasive_)