If you are suspicious that your property is contaminated, you will need to get it meth tested immediately to avoid any kind of health risks. Anyone can do the meth test but remember that you are investing in your health and safety, so you may want someone who is trained. Please note that not all meth tests can be used for the decontamination processes.

Please Note: Chemcare does not offer meth testing, only advice.
For all meth decontamination, you should do this through a third party. 

How can I tell if someone has been smoking or cooking meth in my property?

  • Generally there are many telling signs that meth has been produced or smoked. The main ones include:
  • Strange orange/red stains on the walls and floor
  • Strong smell of ammonia
  • Inconsistent with rent payments
  • Blacked out windows
  • Excessive security cameras
  • Missing lightbulbs
  • Signs of anger (holes in walls and doors)
  • Strange behaviour from tenant. Jittery, weight loss, teeth grinding, activity at night


The different types of tests

  • Strip Testing

This is a test in which only a positive or negative result is shown. However there are many cases of a false positive and incorrect result occurring based on the skill of the technician and the sensitivity of the kit used.


  • Lab Composite

A screening option, which allows for an initial lower cost of testing multiple areas as a composite sample, while retaining the ability to test samples individually if needed without any further sampling. Individual wipe samples are collected by the sampler, and are extracted separately by the lab. However, instead of testing individually, a sub-sample of the individual extracts are combined into a composite sample for analysis. 5 samples are recommend per lab composite, Sample extracts are retained for 30 days, and can be tested individually (on request) if a high composite analysis result means this is a preferred course of action.


  • Regular Composite

A screening option, which allows for an initial lower cost of testing multiple areas as a single composite sample, there is no ability to re test the sample again as only one wipe / swab is taken. The individual wipe sample is collected by the sampler over eight rooms or areas using a single wipe. This however can lead to a false positive and indicate some areas are positive


  • Detailed

A detailed test shows specific results for the decontamination in each room. This rules out the unnecessary need to strip out rooms that have low or negligible levels of meth. Chemcare requires a detailed report for the most efficient and economical outcome.


Composite vs Specific Meth Testing



A low cost Field Composite report takes a few samples together to identify the prescence of methamphetamine. Whereas a Lab composite takes individual samples which can be further analyzed should a dangerous level of Meth be detected. 


Specific Meth Assessment

Chemcare requires a second stage or Specific Meth Assessment to successfully decontaminate all rooms to a safe, habitable standard again. These tests rule out the unnecessary need to strip out rooms that have low or negligible levels of meth.


What your meth test results mean 

If your meth test results come back over the NZS8510 Ministry of Health standard of 1.5 micrograms per 100m2, it would be advised to get your property decontaminated. Make sure to check which rooms are showing higher readings as these are where the contamination could be more hazardous to health.

At levels under 1.5, by NZS8510 Ministry of Health standards this is deemed as 'habitable'. However, for hyper-sensitive people, there can still be irritations caused by meth contamination at these lower levels. Our best recommendation is for a precautionary meth clean. We offer this as part of our meth decontamination services.

We will work with you to get your property back to an acceptable standard.