The meth issue for those in real estate and property management

For those working in property management, meth contamination in rental properties is very apparent. When property inspections are undertaken, it can often be hard to detect meth. Tenants who use meth are becoming a lot more discrete with how they use and are taking new measures to hide their meth use or production. 

Meth decontaminator checking property for meth contamination

Meth testing for property managers and real estate companies

There are many options currently available for those in the property industry regarding the management of methamphetamine contamination. For property managers, we advise consulting with the landlord and organising regular baseline meth tests before and after a tenant starts their tenancy. 

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Managing properties with meth

Chemcare is happy to assist with any enquiry large or small and has a friendly team ready to take your calls any time. We also have online live chat for a quick response. For more detailed information, you can check out the NZS810:2017 Standard for testing and decontamination of methamphetamine contaminated properties.