The meth issue for hotel and motel owners

Meth labs and meth use are becoming increasingly popular in New Zealand hotels and motels. Because meth contamination is hard to detect, this issue often goes unnoticed. However, it’s important to the health and wellbeing of all your guests to ensure each room is clean and free from meth contamination. 

Hotel room contaminated by methamphetamine

Our discretion

We understand that discretion is imperative when cleaning up motels and hotels for meth contamination. When dealing with these situations, we come to site with an unmarked vehicle to keep anonymity and not alert other guests.

We will respond and work quickly so your business can be resumed as soon as possible. 

Turn around times for motels/hotels with meth contamination

Turn around times vary on the urgency of the job which we will always work through with your timeline as best as possible. Chemcare is usually on site to inspect within the same day of enquiry. This gives us time to send through a fixed price, receive a deposit and develop a full scope of work solely for your business.

What if a strip out is needed?

Building materials are rarely removed from areas where methamphetamine was used recreationally. This is due to advanced decontamination techniques and solutions, however mattresses and soft furnishings may require safe disposal due to difficulty of decontamination. If you suspect manufacture has occurred, an independent assessment will be required by an accredited sampler as soon as possible to ensure the health and safety of all your guests. 

We use cleaning solutions safely

Chemcare has strict operational procedures in the safe use of cleaning solutions, so we follow the manufacturers directions to the letter. We believe in source removal of contamination by our bespoke staged triple clean process which leaves no cleaning chemicals behind.