Biohazard and Hazardous Waste Removal

Chemcare technician decontaminating home after biohazard scene

The hazards

A biohazard occurs when human waste or other forms of waste, contaminates a surface or environment. There is a high risk to health as these waste contaminants are extremely hazardous. 


Hoarder properties pose a huge risk to people and the surrounding environment. Hoarding isn’t just exclusive to having lots of ‘stuff’ in the property like newspapers, clothing or other knick-knacks. Many hoarders keep waste, rubbish, chemicals, feces, urine and sometimes blood. As would be obvious, these different sorts of biological waste will be a severe hazard and need to be disposed of. During this time you’ll need a company that can come in and respectfully clear the waste while keeping in mind that this will not be an easy process for the hoarder. 

We at Chemcare will sort through the items and waste, clear into appropriate waste removal and clean the remaining rooms and environment. We have the experience and expertise to handle biological waste.

Trauma scene

A trauma scene is stressful for everyone involved and requires quick, discrete action. Whether it was a violent crime or accidental death, it can leave your property damaged, hazardous and uninhabitable. Chemcare can decontaminate the area as quickly, thoroughly and discreetly as possible while maintaining the respect required for the victims. 

Sewage leakage & backflow

Sewage backflow can be caused by flooding or other plumbing issues that’s caused a sewage issue on your property, Chemcare can help. We can contain this issue quickly and get straight into the removal and remediation of the affected area.

Hazardous waste removal at any time

Chemcare understands the stress you may encounter, which is why we are here to help. We have a 24 hour help line to assist in any hazardous waste removal. 


Our experience with hazardous waste removal

Chemcare’s technicians are IICRC certified and have over 20 years collective experience. We take discretion very seriously and ensure that during this stressful time, all procedures are carried out quickly to the S540 Standards. All technicians wear full protective gear and follow strict environmental hazardous waste policies for disposal to eliminate the risk of infection after the decontamination is completed.


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