Flooded room in house with belongings all wet

Water damage restoration


A flooded house can have extensive and long-lasting damage. Quick action can mean saving a property from permanent damage, sewage back flow or mould. With the right equipment and the team behind it, you can be assured that the property will be restored to a healthy and safe standard again.



Immediate Flood Response

You will need to call a flood restoration company like Chemcare to visit your property as soon as possible. In addition to this, make sure your insurance company is notified as you may get additional cover for any items in the property affected by the water damage. 



Before the team arrives, be sure to do the following to prevent further flood damage

  • Turn off all power to areas that are affected by the water.

  • Take as many photos of the damaged areas as possible (this will be useful if you're claiming through insurance).

  • Remove all coloured rugs or furniture from the flooded areas.

  • Try to contain the flooded area as much as possible.


Time required for drying

Wet room and yellow curtains after flash flood

How long it takes for your property to dry really depends on the extent of the flooding and how much water is present. On average, it can typically take anywhere from 3-5 days until your property is dry again. 

Unless you have specialist commercial drying equipment similar to what the professionals use, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to complete a full restoration. It will also take a lot more time to finish any kind of drying, without a certified flood restoration company undertaking the job. Latent moisture and high humidity could lead to the growth of mould. 


Restoring your items affected by flood or water damage

While it may seem simpler to just replace items damaged by flood or water damage, it's not always the best or most affordable. Expensive items may be hard to replace and often cheaper to restore. Other items that hold sentimental value are also hard to replace. At Chemcare, we understand the value of personal items - and will endeavour to restore all items possible. 


Our Experience with Flood Restoration

You can feel safe knowing all Chemcare flood restoration technicians have training with IICRC following the S500 standard. Chemcare technicians are also WRT, AMRT (Applied Microbial Restoration Technician) and CDS (Commercial Drying Specialist) specialised. Chemcare has truck mounts, carpet driers, air movers and dehumidifiers to get rid of the water or moisture and make sure your property is dry again. When flooding occurs, you can be assured that Chemcare will provide the quickest and most thorough service.


With flooding, we understand that the best response is a fast response. Chemcare is available on-call 24 hours a day.
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