Fire Restoration


Fire Restoration

Two storey house burnt down by a house fire

Fire damage restoration

Although the fire trucks may have left, the remaining fire damage is devastating and expensive. Furniture, construction, clothing and appliances can be the first things to be affected. With smoke damage causing a lingering odour, an extensive clean is needed. During this time, you want a trustworthy company that will get as much restored as possible. Chemcare understands the value of personal belongings and we aim to salvage as much as possible.



Our Fire Restoration Services

  • Smoke and soot removal
    These are both full of toxins which can be harmful to the property’s occupants. Chemcare's technicians use industrial grade equipment which neutralises smoke odours and gets rid of chemical pollutants. Air scrubbers can be used to get rid of gasses and particles that could be contaminating the air. Chemcare ensures to remove smoke and soot with our specialised equipment, meaning there is no residue left for when you return.

  • Content cleaning & restoration
    When a fire takes place, many personal belongings can be lost. We uphold the highest level of respect for your personal belongings and the belongings of others. We aim to restore as much as possible, and aim to transfer plenty of physical effects into a digital photo copy.

  • Water extraction
    You wouldn’t expect water to remain after a fire. But with the efforts of the fire response teams and sprinklers, there can be a lot of leftover water remaining after the fire is put out. Chemcare can extract any remaining moisture or water to ensure your property is returned to you dry and safe.

  • Odour control
    After fire damage, there can be the strong burnt smell that lingers around. Nobody wants to be constantly reminded of a fire - which is why we make sure to eliminate this odour with our specialised equipment.

  • Dehumidifying
    If there is any water left in the property after the fire, there is the risk of mould and further damage. Chemcare can get rid of humidity in the air to leave you with a completely dry home.

One apartment affected by a fire

Our Fire Remediation Expertise

Chemcare’s technicians have the expertise and IICRC certification to ensure the most effective decontamination.  Chemcare will respond quickly to the fire damage as we understand that there are many problems associated with prolonging the decontamination. We will assess your contents to see what will be salvageable and what items will need to be disposed of. You can be confident that Chemcare will achieve a high standard of restoration.