Cost-Effective Asbestos Removal and Meth Cleaning


Asbestos Removal Delivered Nationwide 


Quality environmental solutions at competitive rates.

Get the confidence of safe removal by experienced ‘A class’ professionals so your building or renovation work can continue without unnecessary delays.

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Meth Cleaning and Decontamination Services

Drug contamination is a looming problem for some New Zealand properties. Whether you’re investing in real estate or are already living in a home that is contaminated, Chemcare has the experience and expertise for meth clean ups, P decontamination, or P house cleaning.

We have IICRC certified technicians who have a range of experiences in the industry. This includes dealing with minor precautionary cleans to full meth lab strip-outs.


Chemcare provides specialist asbestos removal, meth cleaning, and environmental decontamination services.

How much does asbestos removal or meth clean up cost?


We have a range of skills in asbestos removal and meth decontamination services. Costs depend on the size and scale of the operation, so we can recommend any options or work required for your budget and get your property back to habitable standards. We have certified technicians and supervisors for all our specialist services, so you can be safe and sure.


New Zealand leaders in asbestos removal and meth cleaning

Residential & Commercial Services

What is the process for removal?

Your health and wellbeing are important to us, so we will work with you or your insurance company until the problem is resolved. During all stages of our service, we will be transparent and keep you informed. No grey areas.

Our skilled technicians will work out the extent of contamination and find the most cost effective solution for you. Chemcare is dedicated to making your property habitable again by a remediation or decontamination that will adhere to both ours and the government’s strict guidelines, standards, and regulations.



A landlord’s guide to asbestos

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Chemcare is part of CC Group NZ which has served in the commercial cleaning and garden maintenance sectors for over 25 years. We carry our expertise, commitment and focus through all decontamination practices. We stand behind our reputation.

Chemcare was founded to provide specialist decontamination for Kiwi home and business. Our technicians have international IICRC certification, and WorkSafe certified supervisors with over 20 years of combined experience.

We aim to make the decontamination process as simple and transparent as possible.