This checklist can help any property owner to determine the cost of removing asbestos.

Because the health and safety regulations vary between residential buildings and commercial buildings, the costs also vary for homeowners and other property owners.

There are two checks any property owner can undertake to get started:

  1. First check that the building was built before or after the year 2000. Asbestos was virtually eliminated from building products from that year, so any structure built after that date is probably free from the problem of asbestos.

  2. Any building built before the year 2000 will need to have a certified sampling company check for asbestos.

Costs for this service vary between the different licensed companies but a rule-of-thumb indicator is that one visit to take a sample for laboratory testing of asbestos on any part of a building, should cost about the same as any other service attending to a job on the property; such as a plumber or electrician.

The cost can increase if extra samples are taken, which will also cover their processing in a licensed laboratory with a report back to the property owner.

The asbestos sampling is a first step in an asbestos management plan for the building. It is also valuable information to be held in the property’s file in case of future re-sale. Buyers will ask for this type of information.

If a building is shown to have asbestos in its materials, what will that cost?


Residential properties.

It is important to obtain quotations from licensed disposal companies, who will be happy to provide a quote once they have a full understanding of what needs to be removed. The cost varies from Class A to Class B. The general rule-of-thumb is that the Class A jobs that you will find inside the house such as asbestos vinyl flooring, will be more expensive than the Class B jobs you’ll find outside such as asbestos cladding.

You’ll also find that the square metre cost does not include the replacement of the removed materials with non-asbestos materials,

150 Kiwis die each year from Asbestos related illness

150 Kiwis die each year from Asbestos related illness

Homeowners, under the new regulations, are not required to produce their own asbestos management plans. The new regulations allow for professional services to help homeowners manage incidents of asbestos. Builders, plumbers, electricians, roofers and other professionals will raise the issue of asbestos when considering a job however large or small.

Under the regulations, homeowners are also permitted to remove up to ten square metres of asbestos material as part of their occasional home maintenance. However, the asbestos must be “non-friable.” This means it must not be crumbly or dusty. And that is the time asbestos can be inhaled and cause serious long term health problems, probably death.

Any home owner cannot be accused of “over-doing” safety with asbestos. However, asbestos-related illness continue to take the lives of over 150 New Zealanders every year.

Identifying asbestos materials in a home is the first step to a safer future for the occupants of all buildings.. How and when the asbestos materials are removed, can, in most cases, be planned according to a budget available. Asbestos, if it is embedded into plaster or cement materials, is quite safe and unlikely to be released into the atmosphere and cause harm to people. This is a factor which can be taken into account when considering its removal and the costs involved.

Costs for commercial, industrial and retail property owners

These property owners are required to produce and keep on site, an asbestos management plan.

This plan enables all occupants of buildings to understand where asbestos is located and under what time frame it is planned to be replaced.

Similarly, the fact that asbestos is often contained or “bound” into different construction materials, means it can be safe for many years, giving property owners time to budget its replacement with non-asbestos materials.

Each plan begins with the Checklist at the beginning of this article.

If you are concerned about the asbestos in your property and the asbestos survey has proven that the materials need to be removed, Chemcare is a licensed asbestos removal company that can help. Get in contact today to get an asbestos removal quote.