Chemcare NZ Meth Standards infographic

Meth decontamination standards were released recently by the government, which we previewed in a previous post: "What you need to know about the new meth standard". In it we detail the reaction from decontamination expert James Campbell.

If you don't want to read the entire document of "New Zealand Decontamination Standards", then this a simple guide.

The main numbers are: 1.5µg 100cm of meth or below for general 'high use' areas, and 3.8µg 100cm for an area that is likely to be accessed only by adults and for short periods of time.

The standards allow for an 'area by area' approach, rather than unnecessarily stripping out entire properties for low Meth presence.

Chemcare always aims to bring you the best, most cost effective solution for a Meth decontamination. We aim to make a stressful situation as simple and transparent as possible, returning your residence to a safe level of habitation once again.

Be safe, be sure with Chemcare.