Meth contamination is no light matter. Once the toxins have been released into the airspace, they will stick to any porous materials like curtains, wallpaper, carpet and furniture. Though you may think that you should be able to do the meth cleaning on your own, nobody should decontaminate their own property. It’s dangerous and requires different skills, equipment and technology.

It takes a lot more than just bleach and water to get rid of the strong chemicals in your property. Although they may temporarily mask the meth contamination, they won’t do anything to solve the issue long term. The most basic decontamination requires specialised equipment to really get rid of those toxins. 

If you try to decontaminate the property yourself, you may unknowingly inhale the toxins which are damaging to the human body. Trained professionals always wear full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) including a respirator, coveralls, gloves, eyewear, and feet covers, which are expensive but integral for decontaminating safely. 

Meth cleans may seem expensive, but imagine having to do it on your own. Besides trying to get some of the same cleaning solutions the professionals use, you need the skills that they have and the equipment. Aside from removal of the contaminated items, there is also the decontaminating of items that will remain. By doing it yourself, you may create further damage to your items which may cost more to repair than the initial quote for a professional meth decontamination.

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